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Can't get hold of anyone.

It seems like every #customer I go they say "it's so hard to get hold of anyone" to do #gutter #cleaning. You arrange a time and date and they simply do not show up. Not even phone to say that they can't make it. Have been to #Swindon a few times and customer has said 'that no business in Swindon wanted to know about it, so I had to get you all the way from #Bristol." Went to one house and they said "thank you for turning up as we had arranged for four other #businesses and they did not even show up." I have been down to #Yatton and that customer had not had their #gutters #cleared out for four years as was so hard to get any one. How do these businesses even make any #money? Well you can always #guarantee that with #Mark's #Gutter #Cleaning I will show up unless we're under 10ft of snow or its #raining #more #than #ever.

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